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Being diagnosed with cancer is traumatic but loosing hair due to the chemotherapy is distressing for most patients. This can be a difficult time for patients and their families, but there are ways of coping positively and overcoming the challenge. here are just a few ideas on how to cope with hair loss from chemotherapy.

Coping with Physical Hair Loss

During chemotherapy, hair will start falling out as the treatment progresses. Sometimes, wearing a cold cap helps slow the loss of hair from follicles. Some chemotherapy patients prefer the no hair look whereas others look for practical ways of transforming their appearance. Wigs are one option with some made from human hair and others synthetic hair. A wig can also be styled to suit your needs. As hair loss is gradual during chemotherapy some patients find the transition stage hard. One way of managing this is to get all your hair removed in one go so it does not appear patchy.

Coping with Body Image

A different body image from loss of hair can be difficult to deal with as a patient. It is vital to remember that this is a temporary issue for most people and hair will grow back. You can also use the opportunity to experiment with different styles of hear covering and develop a glamorous appearance with hats and other items. Staying positive is important during this time. Support from a peer group either online or in person helps as you will encounter others going through the same challenges.

Family and Friends 

Family and friends are there to support you during your chemotherapy journey. They can help in a positive way by supporting you with the hair loss, and by explaining sensitively to others. With children it is important to let them know this is a temporary issue and hair will grow back eventually. Some friends get their heads shaved in solidarity when someone gets cancer and this can be a really positive charity fundraiser. Family and friends can also help with the choice of wig, or whether a scarf or beanie will suit you. Children especially, will find some fun head wear – and this is a positive way of getting them involved as well as informing them positively about change.

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