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The early stages of hair loss can be discouraging, to say the least. None of us ever dream of losing our hair, and when it starts to happen, we often feel like there’s nothing that can be done but sit back and watch. Fortunately, this isn’t the case at all; hair restoration technologies and techniques have come a long way, and there are a number of safe, effective ways to regain a healthy head of hair.

We’re pleased to provide a number of solutions here at New-U Hair Restoration Specialists in Rochester, NY. One option we offer to our clients is laser hair therapy. There’s a little bit of misinformation out there about what laser hair therapy is and how it works. In today’s post, we’re going to provide some basic information that might help you decide whether laser hair restoration is right for you.

Understanding Hair Loss

It’s helpful to begin with a basic understanding of hair loss. On a healthy scalp, you’ll have hair follicles that go through a consistent cycle of growth and rest. During the growth phase, an individual follicle may produce several unique hairs. Then, during the rest phase, those hairs are shed, making room for new growth. At any given time, around 10 percent of your follicles will be in their rest stage.

Problems occur when this natural rhythm is thrown off, resulting in either a shortened/unproductive growth phase or a prolonged rest phase. Most of the common forms of hair loss, including male and female pattern hair loss, happen because the follicles are thrown out of balance and rendered non-producing.

How Laser Hair Therapy Works

Laser hair therapy seeks to combat this. Through emissions of low-level laser light, new blood flow is circulated up to the hair follicles. These may be follicles that haven’t experienced significant blood flow in a long time. The effect is essentially to “wake up” dormant follicles, rejuvenating that natural sequence of growth and rest.

Results won’t happen instantaneously, but over time and after multiple sessions, you may find that your hair loss has slowed, with follicles that haven’t been productive suddenly producing some fresh growth. Laser hair therapy can be a great way to curb the advances of hair loss and may be especially impactful when used in conjunction with topical thickening products and/or nutritional supplements. Together, these different treatments can help make the scalp into a clean, healthy environment for hair growth.

The Benefits of Laser Hair Restoration

Laser hair therapy is an especially good option for those whose hair loss is fairly minor, or who have just begun to notice the signs of thinning hair.

There are a number of benefits that laser hair therapy can offer. For one, it’s approved by the FDA and certified as something that’s safe and effective. It’s also painless and doesn’t require the kind of intervention you’d need for a hair transplant.

Additionally, at New-U Hair Restoration Specialists, we try to make laser hair therapy as convenient and as accessible as possible. To that end, we offer a powerful in-studio laser; relax in our private, comfortable salon space as we administer laser treatments. Or, ask us about take-home lasers, which you can use to self-administer treatments from your own home. You can have all your laser treatments done while you read, skim the Internet, or watch TV.

Laser hair restoration is an outstanding solution for those dealing with thinning hair, and it’s something we’re proud to offer our clients in the Rochester, NY area. To find out more, contact New-U Hair Restoration Specialists today and schedule a FREE consultation.