When it comes to hair restoration, different clients have different needs, goals, and expectations. There’s no one-size-fits-all solution, which is why New-U Hair Restoration Specialists is pleased to offer a full spectrum of products and approaches. For many women, the best way to address hair loss is through the use of a topper, something we’re happy to provide. When you join us in our Rochester, NY studio, we’ll be happy to showcase some of the high-quality human hair toppers we have to offer, including selections from the world’s top designers and most acclaimed brands.

What are hair toppers, exactly? They are essentially hair pieces that can be securely clipped to the top of the scalp, providing women with a little extra volume or length while concealing areas of hair loss. Toppers are comfortable and easy to use and offer completely natural-looking and seamless results without the need for surgical intervention or a full hair system.

There are many advantages to choosing toppers, including their ease. They are completely self-maintaining, which means you shouldn’t need to come to our studio for tweaks and adjustments often, though we are always happy to help as needed! What’s more, human hair toppers can be taken on and off daily, making it easy to clean or groom them as needed. Many of our clients like having toppers they can wear just on special occasions, or when they leave the house to have dinner with friends.

At New-U Hair Restoration Specialists, we offer a comprehensive array of hair toppers, including options in every color and style. What this means is that we can always help our clients find something that satisfies their aesthetic goals. We’re pleased to help you find the topper that looks the best and integrates the most seamlessly with your growing hair. The objective is always for us to help out clients regain their look as well as their sense of confidence.

We are also here to show you how these toppers are worn, and to ensure they are attached to your scalp comfortably but also securely. We will fit you for a topper and then be sure it looks just right before you leave our salon. We’re also here to help you style your topper as needed; whatever look you’re hoping to achieve, our stylists can make it a reality.

Toppers are an excellent solution for women who want something that’s temporary in nature, or who are just looking to augment minor hair loss. For other women, of course, something a little more substantive may be in order, which might mean a custom hair system or even a transplant. How can you tell which solution is best for your hair loss needs? The best place to begin is to come meet with us in a private consultation, where we can discuss your hair loss history and help you find a solution that fits your needs as well as your budget.

Hair loss can be discouraging, but never has to be permanent. It’s our honor to help you find the hair restoration solution that’s just the right fit.

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We’d love to help you find a solution to your hair loss—something that meets your goals as well as your budget. For many women, that means getting a human hair topper. If you’re ready to learn more, or to see some toppers for yourself, contact us today to schedule an appointment. We’d love to provide you with a FREE consultation in our Rochester, NY studio. In a relaxed and confidential setting, we’ll walk you through different hair restoration options, and answer any questions you may have. To begin the process, contact New-U Hair Restoration Specialists at your next available opportunity.