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Hair System: Is it the same as Wigs?

Hair system and wigs—they are basically the same thing, right? Well, yes and no. They are the same in so far as they’re all hair prosthesis designed to do the same thing—conceal baldness. And that’s where the similarity ends. Because in terms of technology and process, those could be as different as night and day.

Back in the day, when you’re experiencing hair loss due to serious conditions like Alopecia Areata or Trichotillomania, you go to a shop and find a nice-looking wig to cover your head. Wigs come in a variety of color, style, length, and texture. Thus, wigs are your easy, off the rack hair loss solution.

What is a Hair System and How is it Different?

If wigs are like blouses that you can buy and wear, hair systems are like couture dresses that are specifically designed for you. And just like haute couture dresses, designing a custom hair system entails a process. So instead of the usual process of going to a shop, buying the best-looking wig on the shelf, and coming out with a new do, choosing a hair system has these considerations:

Hair system base.

Bases are usually made of materials like lace, monofilament, and skin, a fine membrane made to look like real skin. Each of these materials has specific purposes as well as pros and cons.

Hair direction.

If you’re used to styling your hair in a particular way, it helps to have this option so that you can still do that even with your hair replacement system.


To make the hair system even more realistic than those moppy wigs, make sure that you choose a hair density that’s proportionate to your age. The density spectrum can range from very light to extra heavy.


Do you like your hair straight, curly, or wavy? The hair system style takes care of that.

Hair color.

It’s imperative that you choose a hair color that blends well with your real hair.

Hair type.

Hair type options include a selection of real human hair and synthetic ones.

Head template.

This is where the shape, size, and contours of your head are taken into consideration so that you have a customized and very realistic head of hair.

Wig or hair system—which is the better option for you? The answer is dependent on your specific needs and situation. And this is why it’s best to talk to a trusted hair specialist so that you can make a more informed decision.

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