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No one takes hair loss well. Sadly, balding is a common condition that distresses both men and women, often causing them to have low self-esteem and high social anxiety. Fortunately, you can find help for your hair loss. Could the cause be DHT?

DHT Issues

Men have often blamed their testosterone levels for their hair thinning, which begins for many around age 30. While testosterone is part of the issue, DHT is the real hair loss culprit, particularly with those who have male pattern baldness.

When testosterone is combined with a certain enzyme, it produces dihydrotestosterone, or DHT. If you’re genetically inclined toward baldness or hair loss, DHT is particularly harmful. It can cause your hair follicles to shrink to the point where your hair may stop growing entirely, at least in certain areas of your scalp. For years, there wasn’t much you could do to fight this process, but now you have several medication and hair replacement options.

Although DHT is a bigger problem for men, it can affect women’s hair as well. All female bodies have some testosterone, which can also create DHT, causing hair thinning. Blocking DHT production can stop hair loss and sometimes allow hair to regrow no matter your gender.

Hair Loss Solutions

If you’re suffering from shrinking hair follicles, you may want to try finasteride, a substance that blocks the enzyme needed to convert testosterone to DHT. For most men, finasteride slows hair loss, and for some, it allows hair regrowth.

Finasteride is often taken in pill form and is sometimes used in conjunction with minoxidil, an OTC product that also slows hair loss and promotes hair growth. These substances have helped both men and women stop balding. Of course, topical products and prescription pills don’t work for everyone, and even when they do work, thin patches may remain. Fortunately, a variety of other hair replacement solutions exist. Hair systems and wigs have come a long way and look quite natural.

So, if you are experiencing thinning hair, you don’t need to panic. No one has to accept hair loss anymore. You have solutions, particularly if DHT is the culprit. Live life the way you want with a full head of hair again. Schedule your free, private and confidential hair loss evaluation today at New-U today.

Photo Credit: slavoljubovski Via Pixabay