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Every year, about 38.6 new colorectal or colon cancer cases per 100,000 women and men occur in the United States. Many of these cancer patients use chemotherapy for treatment, which may result in hair loss. Not everyone is aware of these side effects. That’s where No-Shave November comes into play. The No-Shave November is a campaign that draws awareness to cancer by encouraging participants to forgo shaving during November and donating the money they save to cancer research. It started back in 2009 when the Hill family decided to start the Matthew Hill Foundation in honor of their dad, who passed away from colon cancer in 2007. Since then, the foundation has raised millions for cancer research and education.

When you participate in this campaign, you get to be part of a movement that’s shining a light on cancer and encourages others to participate in fundraising opportunities for cancer research. Here’s how you can take part in this year’s movement:

Let Your Beard Grow

If you have a beard, consider growing it out. You can share pictures via social media as your beard grows and discuss why and who you’re growing your beard out in honor of to spark cancer awareness. Men can see their beard grow as much as one-half inch each month. So, taking a before and after photo will be interesting to see the difference, especially if you weren’t maintaining a beard.

Put Down the Wax

Instead of spending money to maintain waxing, challenge yourself to let your body hair grow. If someone asks you why you’re not waxing, start the conversation by telling them your goal of promoting cancer awareness. You can also use the money you saved on waxing services by donating it to a charity that helps fund cancer research.

Have Fun with a Wig

Set up your own fundraiser for cancer research and use wigs, hairpieces, and other hair restoration solutions. You can get local hair salons, charities, and your community involved by having people donate wigs, salon services like sew-ins or money to help benefit cancer research, education, and support for cancer patients. Have a little fun by encouraging guests to wear colorful wigs as they share their stories about why they’re participating. Even if you don’t want to lead the fundraiser, you can take part in a local fundraiser or make a pledge via No-ShaveNovember.org.

Final Thoughts

From letting your beard grow to hosting your own wig-and-hairpiece-themed fundraiser, there are several ways you can participate in No-Shave November to promote cancer awareness. Take part in a fundraising opportunity for cancer research and if you’re experiencing hair loss New-U is your complete solution for hair restoration. To schedule a free consultation contact New-U Hair Replacement Specialists today!